Top 11 healthy weight loss snacks for the perfect body

9. Popcorn

The next one in the list of weight loss snacks is popcorn. You might not think of popcorn as the healthy food, yet it is really a great snack for those who want to lose weight as long as they leave off the added salt and butter. Just one cup of plain popcorn will offer you 30 calories or so. Try tossing the air-popped kernels with a dash or two of cayenne pepper for a burst of flavor and an additional metabolic boost. [Read: best grocery shopping list]

10. Kale

Do you feel you are lacking of energy to get through the day? If so, you have an iron deficiency. In fact, kale is loaded with iron and could give you the energy to power through your daily workout. Simply whip up a batch of baked kale chips or enjoy a single snack-sized salad with one tablespoon of the low-calorie dressing.

11. Turkey Jerky

In reality, jerky is renowned since ancient Egypt. Whilst beef jerky is a favorite food of many people, the leaner alternative is turkey jerky. Thanks to the chewy texture and high-protein content will help you feel more satiated after just several small pieces. Keep one package of turkey jerky in the tote bag or your desk and you will have a nutritious snack within your reach. Also, you could add it to the salad or make a home-made turkey jerky sandwich.

As you have to lose weight, it does not mean that you have to quit snacking. Actually, there are a lot of tasty yet healthy snacks that will tickle your taste buds without enhancing your waistline. Just simple give all of these weight loss snacks a try and you will achieve your dreamed perfect body.

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