What do women want from men in bed but feel ashamed to ask?

Wonder what do women want from men in bed? How can you be sure that you are pleasuring your female partner in bed? The fact that not every man might be aware of is that women are highly sexual beings, so sexual feelings they enjoy as much as men do. Also, they have strong sexual desires as men do. However, the problem is that, when it comes to sexual empowerment and sensuality, many women still find it difficult to talk about their sexual wants to their partners. That is because women are not culturally programmed to talk about sex without hesitation. So, if you are a man and want to know how to please your female partner, then you need to know what do women want from men in bed but still feel ashamed to ask. Check out from Wikiyeah.com!

What Do Women Want From Men In Bed – 10 Secret Desires Of Women In Bed

What women want in bed
What women want in bed

1. Duration

It is not about the length of your manhood, it is about the duration of your foreplay. It is said that both women and men want foreplay to last for about 18 minutes or more. Thus, you should cover all bases, from head to toe. Did you know that more foreplay will lead to better orgasms? So, take time for her as it is among things about what do women want from men in bed! [Read: ways to turn a girl on]

2. Roughness

In fact, women are not as delicate as most of us think. Just a little bit of roughness will bring about sexiness. Pull her long locks when you take her from behind. Try spanking, a little bit.

3. Do Not Go Straight Ahead To Girl Parts

This might be one of the most common mistakes men make in bed. Going straight for the goods really reduces sexual tension between partners. Whilst you take time to please your girlfriend before going into actual intercourse, you should try other erogenous zones such as her scalp, feet, and the delicate area behind her knees. You should not overlook neck kisses, no matter how familiar the two of you get used to this routine.

4. Lick From Heart

Before going into foreplay and actual intercourse, you can think of bringing in sexy food props such as chocolate, wine, cream and syrup. Then, spread them over her erogenous body parts and begin licking. Remember, women do not like it if you mess the bed. Thus, make sure that you have a big towel to spread on the bed to prevent her from cleaning up after the lovemaking session. [Read: how to seduce a woman or girl]

5. Go Public

In regard to what do women want from men in bed secretly, this might be little known but it is among the sexual desires of women. Fact is, there is nothing more terrifying or exciting than having physical intimacy in public. The combination of excitement and terror electrifies the sexual experience of the two partners. Yet, you should opt for the places that you are at the low risk of getting caught, like in a tinted car, or the shady part of a cemetery or a park, a classroom which is not in use or the fitting room of a big department store.

6. Tie up

Women really love to surrender their own body to their partner, even if it were just for one day. Tie her up and increase the excitement using a blindfold. Keep in mind to do the tip #1 and #4 above. Tease her with much more foreplay by using the food as props for your licking routine.

7. Role Play

Women, in reality, might not love watching porn with their partner, yet they also have fantasies, too. Think of role play basing on erotic novels. Some classic roles are teacher/student, nurse/doctor, or master/servant. [Read: how to build physical intimacy in a relationship]

8. Use Toys

Many ladies love use dildos or vibrators in bed. these are accessories to stimulate her to get the most out of sexual experience. In case there is not any toy around, suggest shopping for one or some with her. That way, she will absolutely appreciate your openness in the bedroom.

9. Talk Dirty

Dirty talking in bed is among secrets about what women want in bed men need to know. Dirty talking can help intensify the sexual tension. Yet, it is better to assess the level of her comfort first. But, you are not sure about what to say? Begin with a soft-core dirty language, such as “I want you so bad” or “I spend all day long just on thinking of being inside you.”

10. Take Your Orders

Similar to men, women also desire to pleasure men sexually. If you want to please your woman, tell them what to do. They would be happy to submit and follow your released orders. [Read: male body parts women love]

There you have known what do women want from men in bed but are too ashamed to talk out. Keep them in mind and see what you could do to please your partner right tonight!

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