What is a good age to get married – are you ready?

What is a good age to get married? This is common question that women and men often ask themselves. A lot of young males and females wonder raise a question of “what is a good age to get married”. Yet, rather than asking yourself what the best age to get married is, you should ask yourself the questions below:

The average age for getting married is different and unique accross our world. However, what is a good age to get married? How could you tell if you or any of your loved ones are too young for a marriage? The questions can vary but to be honest, you could get married at any age, as long as the two of you are in fall in love each other.

Unluckily, a successful marriage seems to take more than only true love in order to be successful. [Read: how to seduce a woman easily]

What is a good age to get married?

Are You Really Ready To Get Married?

In order to answer the question “what is a good age to get married?”, you need to ask yourself first.  A lot of people wonder if 18, 19, or even 20 is still the too young age for a marriage; nevertheless, there are many other things that you need to consider.

The good and right age to marry is a tricky issue. Whilst the average of age to get married in some countries could help you get some common pointers, in fact, it is not too specific to help you decide for your own case.

What Is A Good Age To Get Married?

There are some pointers that those who would like to marry have to consider. Being too young for a marriage could be seen as a scary factor, the truth is, there are many bigger things for you to consider. Hence, no matter how old you are, 18 or even 25, simply ask yourself the following questions. In case you are not sure of one of such pointers, it probably is the best time for you to marry, and for your partner as well. [Read: how to make a girl smile]

Question 1 – Do Your Financial Ability Is Stable?

What is a good age to marry? Well, that is the time when you own  a good stability of finance. Marriage is really a commitment that goes beyond just having a shared box of popcorn whilst watching movies, or something else. You should know that while your own life does not really change right after marriage, yet a marriage will bring with it a certain sense of responsibility in terms of finance. After getting married, you could not really ask your father to offer you the allowance for something or give you money. just ask yourself that whether or not your earning is steady, if you have a well-paying job to live comfortably and if you are able to manage such sudden expenses coming along the way. If yes, then you are partly ready for getting married. If not, you are not.  [Read: how to manage anger in a relationship]

Question 2 – Are You And Your Partner Both Emotionally Mature? 

When it comes to the average age of getting married, the common standard in your country may not impact your own emotional maturity. It is up to you. As an individual, you might party late, and not worry about what you are going to do in the tomorrow. Yet, as a married couple living with each other happily, it is necessary for you two to be mature in terms of emotions.

When you were a student and single, you might have had so many things to do with your teenages, such as dating, college assignments, and other stuff. Yet, now, you are about to deal with twice as there is your partner with their own issues too. Could you deal with that? You could not really close the room door and lock it anymore after getting married.

Your mother will be not there to clean all the mess that you created. After getting married, regardless of the hardness of the life, you could not shut all of your issues away. Cope with it as a real mature person. Now, is your couple ready? [You may want to read: communication tips for couples]

Question 3 – Are You Willing To Compromise?

When it comes to what is a good age to get married, is it necessary for you to learn to compromise in the relationship. Love playing playstation or talking for many hours over your phone? Well, oftentimes, after getting married, you should be ready to give up for your relationship? And, what about your sleeping habits, food habits, and other things?

From the outside, a marriage seems to be cute, yet in an actual life, it is all about compromise and love. The compromise should not be forced. Many individuals with failing marriages claim that their marriage is not anything except for a compromise. In their eyes, it is give-and-take relation. Yet, that is much far from the fact.

Marriage is not all about compromise, but it comes from our heart. You had better not compromise in order to put up with your partner. What you do should be genuine and make you happy. Many lovers like pleasing one another with small acts of love and kindness, because it can bring one another more happiness and joy. If you are willing to compromise for each other, you may be at the right age to get married. [Read: things men should know about women]

Question 4 – Can You Handle Your Lover’s Weaknesses?

No one is perfect. We all have good and bad things. We all know that good is  sweet and wonderful. Yet, could you accept and deal with the bad? Could you deal with it if your partner regularly snores? Or you have to get up even at 3 a.m because they get hungry? Or maybe, you or your partner gets lazy after a hard working day, whilst the other person wants to rest just after completing housework. These examples are some of different shortcomings which we all cope with. You might think that you can handle them, but those shortcomings are really big reasons for the failure of many marriages!

Question 5 – Can You Deal With One Another’s Likes / Dislikes?

When the time goes, little details such as likes and dislikes could make the problem of sharing time with each other an unbearable pain. She likes watching her favorite TV show, whilst he likes watching a football game? Or he likes Chinese food while she likes Indian food? While dating, these differences seem somehow adorable, yet in a real marriage, these are not cute at all, particularly if they happens over again. You must deal with it every day. It may provoke you to change your personal likes / dislikes in order to match that of your partner. [Read: how to increase sex drive in men and women]

So, What Is A Good Age To Get Married?

You have known what necessaries are to have a happy marriage, just simply ask yourself these 5 questions above truthfully. These five questions might seem simple, yet if you do not give them a proper consideration, you may later see your marriage apart. [You may want to read: How to live a simple life]

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