What men look for in women: top 11 things

What men look for in women? Contrary to what you may think, most men are not look for a super model. A common misconception from women about what men look for in women is looks. Guys reserve their deepest level of respect and attraction for those women who are confident and independent in their own lives, with or without a man. They are, in fact, just looking for their perfect match: a woman who is down-to-earth, sensitive to their demands and sweet.

Keep in mind, true independence and confidence will keep you sexy for a long time to come, yet it needs to come from within. The power to be what guys want is, and always has been, within your grasp. Here are top attractive traits and things about what men look for in women. Take a look from Wikiyeah.com!

What Men Look For In Women – 11 Secret Things Men Appreciate About Women

1. A Woman Who Knows How To Give The Right Attention

This is the first thing about what men look for in women. Act like you want to be with him, surprise him. Men love surprises, yet it seems that these busy days, men often just give them to women. When your guy least expects it, grab his junk or being performing oral. In addition, remember that you should never tell a guy that a man from your past was hotter or better in communication with you. Play your guy’s ego. It is a win-win. [Read: how to show your love]

2. A Woman With Whom Men Could Converse

When it comes to knowing what men look for in women, men want a woman with whom they could converse. Of course, intelligence is important. In fact, being an airhead is not attractive and usually a deal breaker.

Some men like super intelligent women, some men like to be the more intelligent party in a relationship. That changes from man to man. What does not change is that no one likes to be bored or think of themselves as just being to attract the type of girl capable of purely vapid conversation. Every person should have passions and interests to talk about and they should be able to speak without doing the giggle that fades into nothing.

Communicating is a two-way street and should apply to both parties. Sometimes, being opposite well might attract, but in other cases in relationships, they do not work in effect. [Read: why do men blow hot and cold]

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