What men want in bed – 6 things all guys want in bed

Knowing what men want in bed is really not rocket science. Truth is, it is rather simple. If you ask most men what they really want in bed, then you will probably end up with a lot of vague answers. Frankly, that is because most men could not pinpoint what they want from a woman beyond wonderful looks. If you want to know the darkest, deepest secrets to arouse a man with wild games and passion, then this article from Wikiyeah.com will give you what men want in bed and how to be the sex goddess that all guys desire to be with. Let’s take a look!

What Men Want In Bed – 6 Things To Please A Man In Bed

What men want in bed

 1. A Woman Who Could Experiment In Bed

What men want in bed? Well, let me ask you a question: do you like getting freaky in bed? The truth is, most people are too inhibitive to try something new in bed and might stick with the tested and tried missionary. However, you want to please a man in bed? Then, do not just stop there. Every now and then, you had better try things which are new in order to turn him on.

Just simply indulge in fooling around during the foreplay, whilst you are teasing each other. Besides, keep in mind that you should not try too many experiments when you actually have physical intimacy. Transforming from one sex position to other positions while having sex too much might make your guy go limp. That will not end well, normally, what with him sitting against the bed post all upset and huffy.

2. A Woman Who Looks Confident In Bed

Now, the next one in the list of what men want in bed is to look great and confident in bed. The first part about looking good, even great in bed, could seem shallow; and men like that. In fact, looking fit in bed will be a big advantage when it comes to learning what men want in bed. Well, after all, guys are visual creatures who will be drawn more to appearance initially than anything else.

Nevertheless, you had better keep in mind that good looks seem to depend on confidence than on actual appearance. When you feel comfortable walking around your room while being naked, and seducing him with a little bend and jiggle, he would desire you and want you more.

To arouse him in bed, you can learn some tricks and do not be afraid of showing it off. Like strip teasing or belting some moves? Fact is, it does not matter how you are seducing him, just as long as you feel confident and sexy yourself.

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