What to do if a girl rejects you – 9 tactics for guys

One of the biggest fears that men have in regard to dating scenes is being rejected. However, the fear of being rejected is the one holding people back. Being rejected is never a good feeling. It is hurt when a girl rejects you. It cuts to the core of men’s egos and self-esteem.  No one wants to cope with rejection but we must learn to deal with it. Similar to other phobias, it is an anticipation of rejection, causing people to hesitate. It is not surprising that men fear rejection, and they often feel humiliated after being rejected.

Of course, what you, as a man, imagine is far worse than the reality by orders of magnitude, yet being rejected still sucks. However, being rejected does not have to be a miserable event that you have built up in your mind. In case of being rejected, you may wonder what to do if a girl rejects you. Fortunately, with the right mindset, even rejection could help you in the long run. Before you learn what to do if a girl rejects you, you must understand 3 things about girls’ rejection, then we from WikiYeah.com will deliver 6 tactics for guys when getting the rejection from a girl. Check them out!

What to do if a girl rejects you

I. 3 Things Men Need To Known When A Girl Rejects

You should understand that:

  • Everything, even in a relationship, is a skill that needs you to work on.
  • What works for a certain girl in a certain situation will not always work for others.
  • Dating is really a numbers game which you need to collect some “no” answers, even a lot, before starting to get “yes”.

This article will explain in more details for you about these 3 things above:

1. Everything Is A Skill

Understand that if a girl is not opening to you, then it is a skill you need to skillfully work on. You could have a good look, but if you do not develop the skill to open her, then you will just feel frustrated whilst approaching her. Remember that girls do not open with any level of consistency to the guys who have not successfully built up that skill. It is all situational. Some men who are good at flirting at nightclubs might struggle with the daytime. Some who are great in in-person flirting could be rather atrocious online. Each situation is different from others, so guys need to make some adjustment in their approach if they are already successful in certain situations. In simple words, they need to rapidly adapt and self-correct.

2. What Works For Some Girls Might Not Work For Others

When it comes to learning how to react when a girls reject you, the approach should be tweaked according to the types of girls. If you approach directly to a confident, beautiful girl, she might be excited and flattered to meet you. If you apply the same approach on another cute girl who is not accustomed to that type of attention, she might buckle under your pressure. As a result, there will be a disconnection between you and that girl. That is why you need to find the differences in terms of situations and calibrate for them in your own approach.

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3. Meeting Girls Is A Numbers Game

When you feel comfortable in a certain circumstance and great at recognizing signals, you tend to be better at picking out which girls are looking for. No matter where you are in the process of flirting, it does not stop being a numbers game. Even as you are increasingly attractive in the girls’ eyes, you still need to meet a few women in order to find the one who are the most attracted to you, and most open to your own advances.

If you just meet 3 or 4 women, then it is likely that your chances of having a real relationship with a certain girl in those numbers are not high. But, if you meet 10 or 15 women, then chances are you will meet one or two girls that things can go well with.

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