What to do if a girl rejects you – 9 tactics for guys

II. What To Do If A Girl Rejects You – 6 Tips From Experienced Men

1. Reset Your Mindset

When it comes to learning what to do if a girl rejects you, the first and foremost tip is to reset your mindset. You should understand that the situation is not as bad as you think. Being rejected – whether it is by a stranger or by the one you have known for ages – still sucks. Nonetheless, it is not the end of the world that you have concluded in your mind. Your fear of rejection originates from the built up expectation of embarrassment. You feel afraid of being embarrassed right in front of other people. However, in reality, it is not going to occur. When you make your move and get rejected, all that is occurred is that you have been turned down. The other things are entirely in your own head. No one is pointing or laughing. No one else will notice or even care. Once you can learn to accept this, you can make the next steps towards turning rejection from a miserable event to “not a big deal”. Obviously, the best manner to do this is through experience. That means being rejected several times.

2. Reframe, Redirect

Another thing about what to do if a girl rejects you is to learn to reframe. You are the one who has the power of deciding how you feel about something. You feel embarrassed and painful after being rejected because you allowed it to. Remember it is about how you choose to view things. Assume that the girl you fall in love with responds to you with the “Let’s be friends” speech, then you have two ways of responding to this case:

  • You could see it as a judgment on you as an individual
  • You could see it as being a step closer to the one who could appreciate what you have to offer.

Rejection just damages your own self-confidence and self-esteem only if you allow it to. When you get rejected, it is totally up to you to reframe the condition. You could allow it to damage you or you could decide that it is not a big deal. You can see it as an experience – something that just prove to make you stronger in the long term – then rejection could be valuable to you.

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3. Play It Cool

It is awkward when you are rejected by your girl. What to do if a girl rejects you? Well, you may feel frustrated and embarrassed; particularly if you thought you could have a good chance. However, it is completely normal to want the ground to instantly swallow you up, yet in fact, you still have to act like nothing happened. Anything you say will be clunky. It is easiest to say “Okay, no problems” or something similar and then change the topic instantly. You should not ask or wait for the girl to explain why she does not want to date you. Complete the conversation soon, as both you and her feel awkward.

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