What to do if a girl rejects you – 9 tactics for guys

4. It Is Not A Debate

What to do if a girl rejects you? You think you are good for her and could not understand why she rejects you. In reality, there are two difficulties with this logic.

  • You do not know what qualities she is looking for in a partner – you could be something that she does not want
  • It is not about logic.

In relationships, there is not any specific formula for being interested in someone. If she does not love you no flawless logical reason gets around it. Therefore, you should not try to conclude or give reason behind her rejection. It will not help you. You just waste time and may damage any chance that you might have in the future, by trying to persuade her to change her mind right that time.

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5. Do Not Give Up – The Difference Between “Never” And “Not Now”

When you get a rejection from a girl, there are two possible situations behind that rejection:

  • She would not consider dating you even when you are the last man on earth
  • She is not interested in dating at that moment.

Sometimes, there are some signs that she will never be interested in you, such as laughing at you when you ask her out. It is a big sign that she will not ever date you. Nonetheless, if she is tactful enough to let reject you gently, then it does not mean that she is interested in you secretly. Maybe, it means that she is acting politely and nothing more. To find the answer if she means “not now” or “never”, you should look for some signs if she likes you more than a friend, if she is playing hard to get with you.

6. Let Her Come To You

Assume that she has just rejected you, yet it is not because she does not like you. Maybe, she has just gotten out of her previous relationship and has not been ready yet to move into another one. If she is slightly interested in you, she will keep talking to talk to you in order to keep you as an option afterwards. After making your intention clear to her, the ball now is in her turn. Do not be pushy because it just pushes her away. Nonetheless, ignoring her will also not help you. Be flirty with her to see how she reacts. Avoid jumping the gun and asking her out once she shows a hint of being interested in you. That just sets you back. Keep her at your arm’s length till she decides to get closer to you. However, avoid hanging all your hopes or invest too much effort or time on her. If she rejects you once, chances are she is just being friendly.

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