What to do when a girl plays hard to get or not interested: 4 tactics

When it comes to dating, playing hard to get is very common, particularly in girls. If she blows hot one minute, and cold the next, then she might be playing hard to get with you, guys!!!
Let’s face it. Dating seems to be more like a game – a poker game where players are suspicious of the other who tries to predict their next move and always want to put themselves in an advantage. After all, the goal is winning and taking everything. One of the most common complaints among men about the opposite gender in regard to dating is play hard to get. However, guys, you need to accept it. Evolution has put girls in a significant advantage in a way that they could choose from a list of potential candidates, and have the right to put you through their small mind games as well as tests in order to see if you are her Mr. Right or not.

Playing hard to get is a manner for women to test and determine whether or not their potential partner would be right for them. As a guy, you may want to know what to do when a girl plays hard to get. Yet, keep calm, guys. Before you learn the following tips, it is better for you to answer the questions below:
• Is she really playing hard to get or just really busy?
• Is she really interested in you or just enjoying your misery?

Sometimes, a girl will act really fickle, endearing and sweet one day, but the next day, she falls off the grid. It all depends on whether or not you are still comfortable in pursuing her. And, if after your all attempts, she still gives you the attention of her own convenience, then she may be a player, and you should not end up wasting your precious time on her. Now, it is time to take a look at the list of tips of what to do when a girl plays hard to get or not interested, made by WikiYeah. Some information in this entry is referred from Menshealth and Quora. Check it out!

What To Do When A Girl Plays Hard To Get – 4 Must-Try Strategies

What to do when a girl plays hard to get

1. Give Your Effort

It is estimated that 70% of dating attempts burdens the males’ shoulders. If at the beginning, she begins playing hard to get with you, then it is a clue to up your ante a little bit. Instant messaging and texting is forgivable in several first days, yet you could not get your first date with only smiley icons. That is why you should man up, pick up your phone and talk to her.

You can show her some interesting stuff online, make her smile or laugh, and suggest some good movies that is within their interest area. The tip here is to express sincere interest in her life. Also, you should be ready to listen to her if she feels excited or upset about something. This will make her feel like, if she can meet you before, her life will be more cheerful with you in it.

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2. Be Confident Enough

Playing hard to get could range in different levels, from demure, dismissive, to abrasive type. Oftentimes, women play hard to get in order to know if you are easily intimidated and would likely crack up under the pressure. This case, you should be confident as well as flexible.

Pay attention to posture, mannerisms, and body language, or anything else that you can use to your own advantage. Nevertheless, while learning to gauge your confidence, you should still be true to yourself. Do not go overboard and express too much as you might make yourself look like a poser who is all talk. Be steady and smooth.

3. Play Her Game

If she could play hard to get, so why couldn’t you? If a girl plays hard to get, sometimes it is a signal that she is rather interested in you. Hence, a good way to win over her is to make her miss you a little. Bear in mind that even when she says she is testing you, she still secretly wants your attention.

The strategy is that: a few initial weeks, you give her your almost whole attention, through text messages, calls, and Facebook comments and likes. After that, suddenly, you pull out your attention step by step. Miss the hangouts, skip a call or two, and deny some dates. That way, she can get curious and anxious about the fact that she is losing you if she continues to play hard to get in a long time. Yet, be careful with this tip, and always bear in mind the point of making her realize that her own life will become better when you are being within.

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4. Confront Her Candidly

When it comes to what to do when a girl plays hard to get, this tactic sounds tricky and a little bit challenging, it works well if you choose the right time. Timing is everything, so you can choose a good time to ask her “Where are we going with this?” while still not spoiling the mood, be it after a good dinner or concert, or when the two of you have run out of things to day. This is a gamble, but actually women really appreciate sincerity and honesty from men.

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In simple words, regardless of the tactics you have learned above, generally, there is no specific equation to handle the dating behavior of females. It takes careful observation and creates great experiences between two individuals. In case things do not work as you want, then didn’t you at least enjoy dating with her?