What to do when she doesn’t text back – 7 tips for men

Assume that you approach a beautiful girl and start a conversation. It takes about 30 minutes to talk to her the first time. She is pretty, charming and your favorite type. You ask for her phone number but she does not write back, or maybe she texts back quickly but after several short texts, she no longer texts you again. You start wondering why. Perhaps, she is busy. You wait a little bit, but the waiting time seems to get longer. After a couple of days, you just realize that she is trying to ignore you. Why doesn’t she text you back? You also wonder what to do when she doesn’t text back. To see the reasons and the strategies for this situation, check out from WikiYeah!

What to do when she doesn’t text back

I. 3 Common Reasons Why She Doesn’t Text Back

1. Too Much Nervousness / Anticipation

The first reason may be that she is too shy to reply to your text message. She may end up putting too much pressure on herself in order to do well with you – or be too jittery to text a message to answer your call. She wants to talk with you, but end up the opposite.

2. She Is Playing Hard To Get

The next reason why she doesn’t text you back is the art of playing hard to get. You call her or text her back later after two of you have had been really excited and high energy, but she seems to be likely to look at that blinking text message or ringing phone than picking it up. She might think to herself: I can’t talk to him instantly. It is too much work for the first meeting.

3. She Is Really Not Interested In You

This happens now and then to most of us. Sometimes, in guys’ lives, they will meet the girls who do not care about them. It is often one of the reasons to the fact of not getting responses from girls.

Some other reasons why she doesn’t text back could be:

  • Your texts are too serious
  • You do not text enough her
  • You miss the big picture in your text her

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II. What To Do When She Doesn’t Text Back

When a girl does not text back, the first thing you want to do is not getting panic. It is not the end of the world, it does not mean that you cannot win her, but it means she has not gotten back to you yet. To help you know what to do when she doesn’t text back, you had better read on this guide.

1. Be Persistent

It is the difference the guys who want and get it and the guys who do not. Persistence through phone or text could work wonders. However, it is also important that you persist in a laid-back, cool, socially savvy way as there are many mistakes that men make while flirting with women through text messages. Do not fall into the traps that most men get needy, complain-y, whiney, or pissed off at the women for not responding. That just warrants you do not receive a reply.

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2. Do Not Get Mad

It might seem rude that she has not replied, but remember that you are a stranger. She does not know you before yet, and does not realize what an awesome man you are. To be honest, if you get mad, it will definitely scare her off. So, avoid doing so if you are wondering what to do when she doesn’t text back.

3. Do Not Get Whiney

Whiney men are a big turn off to every girl in the world. Do not text something like that “I just want to talk to you. I don’t want to be too pushy but…” It is appealing to you to get something like that from a woman, and vice versa.

4. Send A Bold Messages

To get her take notice, you could send her bold messages, such as “I guess you are too busy so I an not going to trouble you.” That way, you are sending warning signs that she has pushed you too far and might not get the next messages from. In case she replies, it signals that she is playing hard to get with you and waiting for you to make the next move. Maybe, she will tell you that she was too busy and did not mean to insult you by not replying you.

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5. Make A Joke Of It

You can text her about some of your plans or ask her some questions, after one hour or so, you will know that if she sees it and just ignores it. Then, you can text something as simple as “Ok sounds good lol”. This funny way shows that it is not a big deal to you that she does not reply you, yet it is more amusing to you. A girl will see and laugh. She will then text you back, and either laugh and answer your question or apologize for not replying.

6. Call Her

Another good thing to know for sure why she doesn’t text back is to call her. This will give you the right answer for your question. There are two things that can happen:

  • Either she will pick up the phone, obviously solving your problem.
  • Or you will get her voicemail, and you will leave her cool messages.

It is important to leave her an exciting, fun and powerful voicemail, not the weak-hearted voicemail about the reason why she does not answer you. This is something that will engage her, something that can be funny and something which is not needy.

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7. Challenge Her To Hang Out With You

This is the last resort when it comes to what to do when she doesn’t text back. This should be done through texts, and often after she has flaked on you, or if you just have not been able to gather for certain reasons after trying for a specific amount of time. Send a re-initiating text message. The text you send should have some relationship goals:

  • It may call her out on not being able to hang out with you.
  • It offends her in a teasing, comical way, showing her that you are not afraid to say something like this to her.
  • It challenges her and dares her to respond back in order to prove to you that she is not a “dink”.