What to do when she wants to get married, but you don’t – 6 tips

Well, we have just published an article for girls about “how to tell your boyfriend you want to get married“. Now, this article is for you, guys, but in a different aspect: what to do when she wants to get married, but you don’t. Well, that sounds embarrassing, but it is common when it comes to romantic relationships.

If you Facebook newfeed is filled up with wedding photos as well as engagement shoots, and everyone around you seem to be getting engaged or hitched, then you might be also in a rush, at least in your mind.

Men, hold on to your horses. Your woman’s mind is infected with the wedding photos or the sweet sounds of wedding bells, but that does not mean you have to marry her just because you feel pressured to.
Getting marriage is not a simple event with just flowers. It is a lifetime plan of two separated people. You have to deal with marriage licenses, bills, and many other responsibilities you have not ever thought of before.

If you girl wants to get married, but you don’t, so how to do with this problem? Fortunately, this article made by Wikiyeah.com will show you what to do when she wants to get married, but you don’t. But, before knowing that, you should acknowledge first:

What to do when she wants to get married

Why You Do Not Want To Get Married?

Actually, the most popular reason for hesitating to get married is the circumstances are not suitable and right. Yet, that does not necessarily mean there is something in your life or relationship now. You may be just not prepared enough to get into a commitment with someone for the rest of your whole life. It is because your main focus now is career, finance and success. You want to do many things without a bunch of responsibilities and other things.

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The next possible reason is that you might simply not feel in your own gut that you really want to get married. From inside, you might not feel like marriage is the right thing for you, or not yet, or not ever. This could derive from seeing some unhappy married couples, those people who lose themselves after getting married or the increasing number of divorced couples. It could also be a decision where you would like to spend the rest of your life with a special person, yet there is no marriage getting involved.

The last reason could be hard-hitting, but sometimes it does happen: you do not see your partner as the one you will marry. This could sting both two of you, yet when you do not feel it is right, you could not force yourself to want and do something you don’t want.

What To Do When She Wants To Get Married, But You Don’t – 6 Tips To Follow

After knowing why you do not want to get married with her yet, then now you may want to know what to do when she wants to get hitched, right? Here’re some tips to consider:

1. Think It Again

Maybe, the thought of getting married may have at first caught you off guard. So, your first reaction as your instinct is getting defensive. Yet, my advice is to think again, or at least give that suggestion a serious consideration. Once the shock has subsided, you give your girlfriend’s suggestion a little time to simmer in your own noggin. Perhaps, she has a point. Perhaps, this time is right for marriage, as the goals of your life are met and it feels right. Note down the pros and cons. Who knows, you may make an opposite decision in compared with your initial one.

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2. Ask For Time To Think

When it comes to what to do when she wants to get married, but you do not, time for thinking is always important. In the previous tip, time is necessary, be it a few days. But, in this tip, it requires more. You may need more than just a few days to think her suggestion through. So, be honest with your girlfriend and tell her that you need time to warm up her idea and will give her the answer after a few weeks. Keep in mind that you should not make it sound like you want a break (of the relationship), otherwise she may think you are averse to the thought of being engaged with her and that you are breaking up with her. Give her a specific time for the answer, be it one week, or even one month. That way, at least you are letting her know when to expect the answer and proposal.

3. Avoid The Promise – “Soon”

One of the most common answers of men when being asked to get married is the promise one – “soon”. This word is like a bomb with ticking time. You get her hopes up for no specific deadlines without a definite answer. For some guys, soon could be weeks, months while for others, soon is a matter of years. Yet, she may think that you really meant you will make a final decision in several weeks. Those vague promises like “soon” will get you nowhere, and it may make your girlfriend feel like you will forget the issue.

Bear in mind that if you delay the answer too long, your partner will end up feeling tired of waiting. What is worse is if she thinks you are mulling everything over, when in reality, you have come in to a final decision without saying a word to her. So, guys, man up and say what is on your mind.

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