What to do with your hands while kissing? 6 things to do

There is no such thing so-called “the perfect kiss.” Each kiss could be perfect in a certain moment and rite, and every kiss shared between couples is special to them. Actually, kissing is subjective, so what works for a person might not work for another. Yet, there are some tips that most of us feel right at least at a certain moment of kissing.
Kissing is not just about the actions of lips and tongue. Fact is, what makes a kiss memorable to both parties also lies in what you do with your hands. Where you put your hands while kissing and what you do with them is just as crucial as how you move your lips and mouth. Remember your hands are your friends when kissing. Do you want to give your boyfriend such a kiss that he will never forget? If yes, here’s what to do with your hands while kissing. Take a look from Wikiyeah.com!

What To Do With Your Hands While Kissing – 6 Things Girls Should Do

What to do with your hands while kissing

1. Let Them Run Through His Hair

In fact, men also love getting their hair played with. Regardless of your boyfriend’s hair style, running your hands over his scalp can soothe him. This romantic gesture will surely remind him of how gentle you are. Besides, if things get risqué, grabbing over his hair will help you get him closer or further from you.

2. Cuddle His Face

When it comes to what to do with your hands while kissing your boyfriend, using them to caress his face is the most romantic action. Let your hands caress both sides of his face, slide the thumb over his lips to feel the softness of them when pulling your head away. It is a perfect thing you can do to catch your own breath.

3. Get Your Whole Body Involved By Embracing His Body With Your Arms

To make your kiss a memorable experience for your boyfriend, you should get your whole body involved. Wrap them around your partner’s body. Even, a better way is to run them up and down his body, making sure that you touch them in their most erogenous zones when you do. And, use your hands to pull his body in close to you. Put your arms behind his back, trace them up and down. It is a reminder that you are kissing as you find each other attractive.

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4. Trace Fingers Down The Chest Of Your Partner

One of the must-do things you should do with your hands while kissing is to let your fingers trace down his chest, no matter he is wearing a jacket or nothing else. Place fingertips on the chest of your partner; gently trace them up and down. Chest is among sexiest body parts of the human body.

5. Rub His Hips Or Thighs

Most of us feel sexually active while kissing. So do you, right? In regard to what to do with your hands while kissing passionately, if you want to get your boyfriend excited, then rubbing his thighs while kissing is a good thing you could do. Depending on the intense of your smooching, you can let your hands intentionally get to the middle of your partner’s legs. When reaching the target, he will feel eager to turn into something further.

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6. Adjust His Hands

When your boyfriend gets excited so much and become extremely touchy, you can feel free to relocate his hands to a certain spot where you feel comfortable of being touched, be it your waist, or something sexier like you booty, and even your boobs. It totally depends on how excited you are feeling and how comfortable you are if being fondled.
In reality, using your hands is reckoned one of the most powerful and most effective kissing techniques you could make use of in order to heighten the experience of kissing for your partner and yours as well.