What to say to a guy you like and make him like you back?

Are you looking for some suggestions about what to say to a guy you like? Do you want to make him like you back?
Everyone gets a little shy sometimes. However, being shy should not let you lose out on a potential fairy-tale romance, particularly when it gets involved with a man you have just met. The question that has been on every girl’s mind is what to say to a guy you like. This is crucial because men likes a girl who can make them feel good about themselves.

If you could make a man feel respected and appreciated when being with you, then you will find easier to make him like you back. For a certain man, if you want to make him like you back, you should be the type of girl that he wants as a girlfriend. Of course, all of us have different compatibilities. Yet, regardless of the odds, it is always better to have trial and errors than never even having a try at all. So, if you are serious about a relationship with a guy, and want to know what to say to a guy you like, use these little tips here , from Wikiyeah.com, to make him fall for you. Chances are, he will begin like you more and begin to think of you as not just a simple friend soon.

What To Say To A Guy You Like – 8 Tried-And-True Suggestion

What to say to a guy you like

1. Let Him Start First

When you begin talking to the man you like, you should not try too hard to make him feel comfortable with you. What you should do is to appear easy to get. Just say “hello” and wait for him to say something.
Most men have several lines in their head for the initial conversations when walking up to a girl. However, in case he does not say anything, and just shift his own feet silently and awkwardly, you just need to smile and ask him something about the destinations he has been up to so far. This is a safe starting point that can bring new things to your talk.
You can also ask him about his work (general information) or anything else involving his daily life. This can help warm up that guy, particularly if he is nervous or shy. If possible, find something that can make the man feel confident and at ease. That way, he will slowly open up and be willing to talk with you.

2. Give Him Compliments

When it comes to what to say to a guy you like, giving compliments seems to be the most effective thing. Complimenting is always a good way to start a conversation. That will bring two separated people closer. Hence, if you sincerely and genuinely feel something worth complimenting about him, then tell him about it. Yet, you should not talk about appearance or how you feel about him. Just keep your own compliments casual.

3. Get Personal

When being in the middle of the conversation with your crush, if possible, get that man to speak about his own. In addition, ask him about his leisure activities. This is an instant cue to let him acknowledge that you are interested in him more than just a normal friend. Also, be involved in that conversation while looking deep into his eyes upon communicating.

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4. Smile More

Smile can get people closer with each other. Men love a cute girl with beautiful smiles whilst having a conversation. Therefore, you had better make use of your smile when your crush says something nice or funny as it makes him feel much better about himself. For a man, making a girl smile proves that he is attractive – an achievement for men to be proud of. By smiling and blushing during a conversation, you will make him feel good about himself. As a result, he will want to talk to you.

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