What to text after first date with a guy or girl: 6 follow-up tips

So, you have just had a great first date with a crush. Then, the next part is building a new level of communication, and one of the most crucial part is learning what to text after first date. Before a first date, the way you talked to the other person is different from how you will contact after the first date. Things have changed after the first date, including what you expect.

In regard to communicating after a first date, texting is one of the most popular forms. Should you text instantly after the first date? Are you dying to know how the other person thinks about you after the first date? Many people think that if they text first, they are reckoned as the loser in the equation. However, the truth is not. In terms of texting, the answer for your question is “Text them as soon as you could.” Why? In fact, there is nothing wrong with sending a message showing your appreciation for the first time two of you spent together. Even, you could text them good-night for remind them to drive safe. It is absolutely normal, and frankly, in these days, it is the right, polite thing to do.

To help you out in knowing what to text after first date with a guy or girl, WikiYeah introduces a list of follow-up tips below.  Some information in this entry is referred from YourTango and Cosmopolitan. Take a quick look!

What To Text After First Date – 6 Easy Tips

What to text after first date

1. Things You Appreciate About That Date

In regard to what to say after first date, this is the first thing for you to consider. Don’t say or lie something like “That was the best first date ever,” if you do not feel it yourself. The best tip is to tell your date how much you enjoyed the food and how great a conversationalist he/she is.

2. Ask When The Upcoming Date Will Be

It is not necessary for you to ask this instantly, yet is okay if you want to do. If the answer from your date is positive, you are set for the second date. If not, then they may not plan on meeting you again.

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3. Ask If Your Date Got Home Safely

Despite this is an old tip, yet it still works nicely. Check in to see that your date got home all right and to say a good night message.
Or, for guys, you can ask her to text you when she makes it home. By that way, you show that you care for her while opening the door to another conversation. This is a fast way to gauge interest and if a girl is not interested in you, she will stop texting you. Also, it also offers her the permission to begin talking to you.

4. Call Back A Certain Fun Moment That Two Of You Shared

If possible, find a good time to explicitly call back to a high point on the first date. It should be something fun and lighthearted. Actually, what you are trying to do here is to return her to the set of mind she was in when both of you were having a good time with each other. This is considered as the key when it comes to texting a girl after a first date. You should subtly remind her that she also had a great time with you too. Even when she acknowledges it, doing so still helps get her remembering that special moment specifically. That will solidify positive impressions of the first date that she already made for you.

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So Now, You May Wonder When You Set The Next Date?

If the two of you have had a great date, then you want to get the next one. But, before setting for the next date, you should consider some scenarios about when to set the next date below:

1. Within Two Upcoming Weeks

The most ideal time to set the second date is within two next weeks. This is because this is the time when romantic high still remains and it is perfectly normal to schedule a free day in two weeks. Of course, it is possible to set a date instantly for the next day, yet most people want to wait for a while before the second one, so they could think of more manners to impress you.

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2. If They Are Not Easily Available, Then Set A Date When They Are Ready

This tip is for guy. There are some examples when working or traveling could make it hard to set the next date. If this is you case, don’t worry. If your date begins feeling distant, then you should set the next date for a moderate span of time – about 3 to 5 weeks. That will also help you avoid waiting for someone who might not be as exciting or enthusiastic to see you again.

Despite it is rather stressful when think about what to do after the first date. That is why you should go with what you feel. Keep these dating tips, follow your feelings and enjoy the time that you spend with the individual you really love.