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If you want to turn your women on and arouse her like never before, then you need to know what women want in bed. That way, you will be able to make her feel sexy and loved more. Sex is all in our mind, both for men and women. Once your mind does not enjoy it, you will absolutely end up bored. A secret to make a woman aroused in bed is to make her feel good about what you do to her in her mind. This article from Wikiyeah.com will give you top secrets about what women want in bed, helping you become a hero in bed in the eyes of your woman.

What Women Want In Bed – Make Her Feel Sexy And Loved

1. Take Your Times

When it comes to what women want in bed, fact is, spending time on foreplay is something that men often do not think about. More foreplay. Make your foreplay length. Sex is always better for both sides when you take the time to make out and get her really aroused beforehand.

Men know that rules, yet they could not help it. And you, as a man, want to do is to stick the shaft and drive. However, you should think about it if you want to know what women want in bed. Delaying that penetration and giving more enjoy for the foreplay will help your woman feel more wet, and of course, she will enjoy sex a lot more. That is absolutely worth your effort.

Besides, you should keep in mind this thing: by lengthening the foreplay, you will give your mind as well as your “little boy” more time to prepare for sex. Also, by extending foreplay, you will decrease the chances of losing an erection midway.

To make your foreplay more interesting, you can make use of skillful kiss tips by checking out the video below:


2. Create More Emotional Connection

What women want in bed? Try to create emotional connection with your girl. In order to experience better sex, women need to feel more connected to the man emotionally. This does not make so-called “one night stands” less enjoyable and sexy. Nevertheless, in a relationship, when you have had sex several times, you might always need to concentrate on making your woman feel loved as well as emotionally connected to you. It will make her enjoy the night much more. And, that way, you will also know how to seduce a woman or a girl effortlessly.

What you should do is to speak to hear so lovingly, kiss her over the face and ears as well, and whisper something sweet into her ear when you prepare to make love. You should get this right and she will absolutely feel more connected emotional to you and love you unconditionally.

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