When to get out of a bad relationship – 6 subtle signs

Despite the goal of most relationships is lasting for a lifetime, not all relations will work out. This is a fact that we need to admit. If you feel your current partner is not right with you, you should just get out of that relationship without having to waste any more time. There are some down signs of a bad relationship that people overlook. If you feel that you are going through one or more of the following signs, you will know when to get out of a bad relationship. Take a look from Wikiyeah.com!

When to get out of a bad relationship

1.You Give Lame Excuses

To know when to get out of a bad relationship, you should pay attention if you have lame excuses when thinking of getting out of your relationship. If when mentioning to a breakup, you say that, “…but we have been together for a long time”, that is time for you to stop it. If that is the only reason why you two are staying together, then you need to forget it. Do not force yourself to stay in a bad relationship just because you two are being together for so long. That is just a forced relationship. Do not give yourself the lame excuses for being in that relationship. Once you do not get any valid answer for your self-question, it may be time to stop it.

2. You Feel You Need To Change Yourself In Order To Make Them Happy

We all change a little bit when being exposed to a new one in our lives and their personal tastes. It just becomes a problem if you feel the need to change yourself in order to please your partner. In plain words, it is a problem when you find yourself changing your opinions, values, clothing style to suit your partner’ wants.

3. They Want You To Change

Rather similar to the sign above, but this derives from your partner. If your partner wants you to change something as a person, then you should reconsider this relationship. Healthy relationships need compromises but there are things you should and shouldn’t compromise on in a relationship. A little change in your habits will be normal, but it does not mean your partner has the right to control rule your own life. True love should be mutual and unconditional. If they demand you to change into a totally new character, it is when to get out of a bad relationship like yours.

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