Where to touch a man – 8 places all men want to be touched

When it comes to sexual gratification, there are some special male body parts women should know about. Well, these passion points are the ones which men might not even know about. Those “hot spots” are loaded with supersensitive nerve endings which immediately rev men up upon stimulated. Check out the following article, made by Wikiyeah.com, to know where to touch a man to turn him on and some stroke and squeeze techniques which end him into overdrive.

Where To Touch A Man Like A Pro

Where to touch a man

1. Lower Lip’s Outside

Well, for most people, the mouth is a hot zone. However, the outside of the lower lip as well as chin is the place bringing ultraintense bliss to the kisser. This delicate, tiny curve is jam packed with extra-sensitive nerve receptors. The technique you can use to take advantage of this special spot is sucking the lower lip of your man into your mouth whilst making out. Use your tongue to stroke a few millimeters below that spot. This move will stimulate the erogenous area of him, putting him on the erotic edge. If you keep his lower lip within yours, you are magnifying the sensation.

2. The Front Of His Neck

To answer where to touch a man to turn him on, think of the front area of his neck. The butterfly-shape gland down his neck’s front area, also known as thyroid, is connected with sexual organs.

To stimulate this part, you can have him lie on his back with the pillow plumped behind the head so the neck will be exposed and arched forward. Then, you gently warm him up by brushing your own wet lips against his throat hollow. Dip down and stop there to start massaging that area in a circular motion using your tongue. Teasing him that way will excite his thyroid, maximizing his pleasure and making him go crazy over you.

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3. The Nipples

Female nipples are the center of carnal command. However, the headlights of men may be more sensitive, according to experts. It is because most men are not used to having these areas nourished with attention. For many men, their nipples are considered uncharted area – an erogenous area which they have not experimented with. You can lick his nipples in a circular motion, starting from outside of his areola and then moving closer toward his nipples. Later, rapidly flick his nipples and gently bite it. The steadily built-up pressure will send stimulation to him.

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