Where to touch a woman to turn her on sexually: 9 places

We know that female body parts are amazing and interesting. Most men like to explore them, yet there is more to her than just the “down there”, butt, and breasts. Some specific body parts contain a large amount of nerve endings, sending pleasure sensors over her body. If you can define those body parts and stimulate them, you can get her in the mood. By incorporating touching those parts into your intercourse process, you will earn some brownie points. However, trouble is, your female partner might be too shy to discuss what she wants. There are many things women want in bed but feel ashamed to speak out. Fortunately, this article from WikiYeah will help you find out where to touch a woman to turn her on.

Where To Touch A Woman To Drive Her Wild

Where to touch a woman

1. Hair

To answer for the question where to touch a woman, consider her hair. Running your hands slightly through your woman’s hair is a good way to send tingles down her own spine. Use your fingers to massage following the circles from her temples to her neck’s nape. That way, you are seducing your woman without words.

2. Pelvis

The pelvis area is another place answering for your question where to touch a woman. Focusing on that area is exciting but you also have to resist the urge to get to the “down there” area when you get so close. Similar to teasing her inner thighs, licking around and kissing her pelvis can excite her, making her beg for more. You can prolong that sensation by moving to another body part now and then.

3. Inner Thighs

You can turn your woman on by touching her inner thighs but not venture into her “down there” area. Make use of your hands and mouth to touch and kiss the insides of your woman’s thighs, try to get closer to the pleasure spot yet steadily pulling back prior to going too far.

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