Where to touch a woman to turn her on sexually: 9 places

4. Feet

Rubbing women’s feet with lotion or massage oil might be one of the most satisfying massaging techniques. Pay attention to her toes, sides of the feet and ankles. Many women enjoy having their toes sucked, yet some others still find it repulsive, so you had better ask first before taking action.

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5. Ear Lobes

Kissing, touching and lightly biting the earlobes will definitely turn her on. These soft, delicate lobes are super sensitive and the majority of women enjoy the feeling of being kissed on that area thoroughly. Nibble around the outside of the ear but avoid jamming the tongue inside the ear.

6. Palms

Using hands to please your partner is a common way people use in physical intimacy, yet rarely do they consider taking advantage of the palms of the hands. The palm is an innocuous spot to concentrate on to turn her on. You can trace your finger along her palm to give her such delightful shivers. That also makes you appear attentive and sensitive. [MORE: 12 common stages of intimacy]

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