Where to touch a woman to turn her on sexually: 9 places

7. Behind The Knees

Where to touch a woman? Well, pay attention to behind her knees – the body part most men do not think of upon trying to stimulate a girl. However, fact is, it is rather sensitive. You can gently caress the back of her knee under the skirt whilst you two are in the public. Also, do not forget that area when you get home.

8. Clavicle

The well-defined collarbone, or clavicle, is very sexy on women. So, why don’t you show your appreciation for this body part with kiss and touch? Take care of this body part whilst she is still clothed fully. What you should do is to steadily unbutton her shirt just enough in order to reveal the clavicle. Come back to it after the clothes have dropped off to remind her of the pleasure you created before.

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9. Small Of Her Back

Place your hand against the small of her back to turn her on sexually. This small gesture will show that you feel protective of her. Kiss or lick down her spine to end up and end up with the kiss on the small of her back to get her own heart racing.

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