Why couples don’t make their relationships Facebook official anymore

Previously, there was a trend when people make their relationship Facebook official. However, now, there is no such thing. Perhaps, people have learned to keep their own lives themselves. Why? Maybe they realize that making their relationship “Facebook official” will do more harm than good. People who actually matter will already know about what is going on your life. When you share your personal life with other people, you will instantly become the common topic of gossip. It means people may think that they have the right and powerful to evaluate your life. In this article on WikiYeah, we will discuss more about 7 important reasons why couples don’t make their relationships Facebook official anymore. Some information in this article is referred from Huffingtonpost and Psychologytoday. Take a glance!

7 Reasons – Why Couples Don’t Make Their Relationships Facebook Official Anymore

Why couples don’t make their relationships Facebook official anymore

1. You Give Stalkers What They Really Want

A lot of us have creepy exes, right? Even when we block them, they still try to invade into our space by making many fake accounts in order to keep an eye on us regardless of our effort of warding them off. If you make your relationship “Facebook official”, it is when you give your exes and other stalkers the chance to dig into your current life to get the type of information they constantly look for. A lot of them may even try to make use of this information against you.

2. Family Members

One of the most common reasons why couples don’t make their relationships Facebook official anymore is to avoid their creepy family members knowing details about their relationships. Those creepy relatives keep spying on us, and will not let go of any single moment to make us embarrassed. They have weird twisted ideas about life rules and want us to live our own lives by their set rules.

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3. Unwanted Individuals Get Involved In Your Life

Those unwanted people are always keeping an eye on our lives, no matter what we do. They try to become a familiar part of our lives even if we do not want them be a part of it. When you publishing your relationship to the whole world, including them, a congratulation sent to you seems really nice, yet it does not feel good if someone drops an inbox messages just to discuss your relationship in details.

4. They May Breakup

Another reason why couples don’t make their relationships Facebook official anymore is the potential breakup. If you are lucky enough to have a happy ending with the first relationship, then congratulate. Yet, not everyone has that luck. Every relationship does not end in “happily ever after”, you may break up in the future. And, after a heartbreak, the last thing you may want is other people asking you about the reason behind that breakup and the happening time of that event. Yes, support from those friends or people who are sincerely close to us seems nice, yet unwanted attention from unnecessary people on such a not good topic will just bring more pain and hurt than comfort to you.

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5. Strangers May Misuse Your Own Personal Data

The risk of being thief personal date by cyber-crimes is increasing nowadays. Hence, when you put your own information published on Facebook, many criminals or weird people will try to misuse of the given information and make you responsible for their own actions. This is a bad consequence of being public.

6. People Get Jealous

Oftentimes, people do not like seeing others be happy while they could not be like that. Many people may grow jealous of what you are having and may even try to harm your current relationship. In addition to trying to put you down, they also point out the pitfalls of your relationships. They may back bite and may even plot against you.

7. People Teach You How To Live Your Own Life

Despite having great friends giving advice in life is good, not every person do it with the pure intention of consulting. Many people tell you how to live your own life because they think that they know what is truly going on your current life and they have the right to judge it. This is wrong, nobody actually knows your own life except you and no one has the right to tell you how to live your personal life.

Now, the thing that matters here is that Facebook official or not, it is your life and you could live the way you want to. So, do what makes you comfortable and happy, as life is too short for accumulating regrets.