9 big reasons why couples fall out of love with each other

Do you know what the quickest way to destroy love is? Well, according to many relationship experts, holding on to resentment is considered the fastest way. Resentment is like the rust eating away at bonds of a relationship. Men and women have various reasons for falling out of love. Oftentimes, husbands disconnect from their partners when they no longer feel interested by their wives. Wives disconnect as they feel taken for granted or unloved. Love changes over time and if you do not understand the change, it could be a little scary. If you react to the changes in a negative way instead of dealing with them, you could damage your romantic relationship beyond repair.

So, what are the most common reasons why couples fall out of love? Check out 9 reasons below, collected by Wikiyeah.com!

Why Couples Fall Out Of Love – 9 Biggest Reasons

Why couples fall out of love

1. You Or Your Partner Do Not Stay True Yourself With Yourself

When people in an early stage of a relationship, the stage where they are exploring the personalities of one another, they usually put up some pretenses to be more likable, appearing to be someone else or hiding a previous relationship. However, when time gets over, keeping up with these appearances makes them exhausted and the person who you really are will be revealed as a result. That revelation may shock the other person in the couple and he/she might complain that you have changed.

2. Too Much Or Lack Of Physical Touch

In romantic relationship, physical intimacy plays an important part. However, if it is either too important or not important enough to either of you, then your relationship will not have any juice, and consequently will not last. Physical intimacy is more than just relationship communication. It is necessary for two partners to work it out together. If you have unrealistic expectations or hang-ups about physical intimacy, and do not address them, you will not build a long lasting relationship.

3. Overwhelming Jealousy Takes Over

It can be said that true love without jealousy is not practical. Jealousy is suffocating. A lot of ways can be used to show your love to someone else and jealousy is not a good way. Of course, it is resassuring to know that your spouse wants you for themselves. However, when overwhelming jealousy takes over, then there is no space for trust and appreciation.

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