Why do men blow hot and cold & how to handle it?

Have ever had some experience of being with a hot and cold man? I guess that most women had at least one point of their lives being with this type of men.

So, why do men blow hot and cold? This inconsistent behavior means that as long as you are with him, you are facing with a cycle of inconsistency likewise you are dealing with a drama, the uncertainty and the highs and lows. This article on Wikiyeah.com will help you figure out why do men blow hot and cold and what to do with your man if he does. Some information in this article is referred from Yourtango and Allwomenstalk.

I. Why Do Men Blow Hot And Cold – 5 Common Reasons

Why Do Men Blow Hot And Cold - They Love The Thrill Of The Chase

1. They Love The Thrill Of The Chase

The reason why do men blow hot and cold may be because he loves the thrill of the chase. Actually, those men who do so often have limited attention spans. Often, they are quick out the gate in the hot pursuit, yet as soon as they feel as if they do not have to chase someone anymore. This might make them lose their shiny exterior. They think that there is no incentive for them to gather all of their energy for you.

Hot and cold men are aware of what they are doing. Most of these men haven not grown up yet, they are simply just immature. They even act like they are still in grade school and thrive on the challenge of wooing you until you fall in love with them. Yet, right after they think they have you, they turn to get bored and move on. It does not really matter how beautiful, fabulous or lucid you are, they still get bored as it is not all about you. It is about the thrill of the chase, thereby you are considered as the prize for a moment. [Must read: the best relationship guide 2014- 2015 – Tao Of Badass book]

2. They Are Cowardly To Admit That They Are Really Not Ready For Having A Relationship

Sometimes, men flirt with women not because of they are totally ready for a relationship. That might be because they feel alone and need someone to share their thoughts, feelings, or anything else. They just p*ss off and then withdraw, and then blow hot as you kick up a fuss about their misbehavior. In some cases, it is due to they want some sex or attention.

Why Do Men Blow Hot And Cold - They Are In A Game And Like Toying With You

3. They Are In A Game And Like Toying With You

When it comes to why do men blow hot and cold, there is a fact that some men out there like nothing more than to play cat and mouse with women. They screw up, kick out of reeling you in, and wining. They stop calling, being so obnoxious, and plain ignoring you. These men are basically full of pride. The game of cat and mouse gives them a strong sense of entitlement that they have just mastered the art of attraction, being inconsistent, and uncommitted. These guys love to watch a woman fall apart due to their inconsistent actions.[Read: why do men lose interest in a woman]

4. They Could Not Commit To Be With Or Without You

This type of men ask start protesting they are not ready when you ask them to step further and to be with you appropriately. Then, when you walk away, they start calling you, texting, emailing, and never getting out of your life. If you are in this case, you should be careful as you might become a Yo-Yo girl.

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