Why do men blow hot and cold & how to handle it?

Why Do Men Blow Hot And Cold - They Do Not Really Like You But Like Keeping You 5. They Do Not Really Like You But Like Keeping You

These men are like the dogs in mangers. Wow, it means that they are not pretty sure about you, yet they do not want other men to have you, so they keep you on ice as an alternative option while trying to make you think that you are the only one for them.

And, because they blow hot, so when they blow cold, you really do not understand what that means, and instead you focus on the fact that you know that they are able to blow hot. Or, they run hot, you might think that what you have just done make them stop. Keep in mind that, the survival of your relationship is majorly dependent on the consistency. You should not make a mistake of translating “his actions of blowing hot and cold” into drama. [Read: signs he is in love with you]

II. Why Do Men Blow Hot And Cold – How To Handle With Him

When meeting with a hot and cold man, women’s confidence, which gained a boost with this romance, suddenly falls crashed into self-doubt and confusion. Women thought they were strong, but now feel like a useless victim over men’s apparent change of heart. Oftentimes, some of you will call, text, email in order to get your guy’s attention. Or, even you ask him out to get back his attention. Yet, this approach will not be effective because you are in the place of fear, the fear of losing him. In other cases,  you might withdraw from the man who runs cold to you. In fact, it is another bad idea to resolve the problem. If you shut your man out, he might do the same permanently as he does not understand that your reaction is to react to him. Simply, he feels that you had suddenly changed. So, the question is, what you should do and how to handle with a guy who blows hot and cold? [Read: a comprehensive dating guide for women – Make him desire you review]

The point is that men and women are entirely different, and if you want to stop him from blowing hot and cold, you need to understand how men work, what is truly valuable to men, and how to become that valuable woman that he is looking for, missing and going to commit the rest of his life with. And, if you have already dated with a few men who all run hot and cold, then you might end up feeling rejected and humiliated. So, the longer you do not understand men and not acknowledging how to deal with his pulling away after running strong, the more of amount of time you waste and the more pain you will experience. On the other hand, in addition to understanding men, you can consider these tips on how to deal with hot and cold men:

1. Do Nothing And Give Him Space

One of the best ways on how to handle with a hot and cold man is to do nothing. That means it is the exact time for you to pause. Get busy in your life and distract your attention from this relationship. Though it is much easier to be said than done, yet it is necessary. You need to take care of yourself, and you will know how to build self confidence and self esteem. It is really critical to back up your words with action. If you decide to give him his space, then do not contact him at all. This will make him see that he might lose you if he does not act properly.

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