Why do men blow hot and cold & how to handle it?

Why Do Men Blow Hot And Cold - Stay Open

2. Stay Open

If you understand men and why do men blow hot and cold, use your intuition and act like you are not aware of it, then it could have nothing to do with you. You can read more communication tips for couples here to improve the conversation in your relationship drastically.

3. Wait And Then Bring The Subject Up

Why is he blowing hot and cold and how to handle it? If you can use your intuition properly, you can wait a reasonable amount of time and then bring this problem up. Remember that you have right to find out why he blew hot and cold in the relationship. If he can tell you the reason behind his actions, the conversation might bring the two of you closer. If he refuses to explain his behaviors and keep staying distant, it is the time for you to walk away. You need to hold your own ground in this condition, and demand better for your own. Once he mess you with your feelings, then you had better find another man who will be able to treat you better as you actually deserve better. [Read: biggest physical turn offs for guys]

The full article of why do men blow hot and cold and how to handle with a hot and cold man hopefully can help you understand more clearly about your own situation and then you can take the right action to deal with this problem. Leave your words below to share your story with us and we will feedback soon.

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