Why do men cheat and lie: 20 most common reasons

9. They Are Unaware Of Their (And Others) Emotional Demands

This is among one of the most overlooked reasons why do men cheat and lie. These men are unaware of their own or other’s emotional needs until overwhelmed by them. These are the guys who complain that they are not getting the same love, adoration and attention from their partner when they got when they were first dating. Feeling drained and trapped, often longing for the courtship phase of their early relationship, they will return to the extensive use of affairs, online porn, and sensual massage to temporarily meet the emotional demands they might not even know they have.

10. They Do Not Want To Hurt Your Feelings

If you have shown yourself to be a woman who gets upset and dramatic when he tells you the truth, you are training him to say just what you want to hear for keeping the peace. At best, it is avoiding a volatile subject. At worst, it is a white lie to avoid drama or waterworks. Cowardly? Weak? Sure, yet men lie in the mindset of losses and wins, defeats and victories.

11. They Are Insecure

Feeling undesirable, old, unattractive, unsuccessful, etc., these guys use affair, prostitutes as well as other forms of sexual intensity to reassure themselves of their desirability and worth. These guys will usually go to strip clubs, try to become those “special” customers to those particular prostitutes, or otherwise seek situations which supply external validation in an effort to bolster their failing self-esteem. [Read: signs of an abusive relationship]

12. They Are Unsatisfied To Their Relationship

This is the most common reason for why do men cheat and lie. In reality, this is often due to the following: “If you had to live with my lover/wife/ girlfriend, you would cheat too. She is overweight, nags me all the time and she does not want to have sex anymore. So what will a man do?” However, no matter how entertaining or logical a distraction infidelity might seem at that time, having affairs or sex when not having a happy relationship is a strongly unhealthy way to handle with relationship issues. [Read: how to improve your marriage]

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