Why do men cheat and lie: 20 most common reasons

13. Revenge

Though revenge cheating is more with females than with males, sometimes a guy will cheat to get back a wife or girlfriend who cheated on him. [Read: a detail book for resparking the relationship – Respark the romance review]

14. To Prove Their Manhood

Some guys think that the more women they have sex with, the manlier they are. Thus, they cheat and lie. They think cheating is a macho thing to do.

15. They Know You Will Take Them Back

They know you will never leave them. They cheated before and you did not feel hesitant to take them back without giving any punishment or holding them accountable for their own behavior.

16. Love

Well, it sounds sad but sometimes it is a fact. Some guys cheat because they are really in love with the other woman. It might have started out as a cyber affair or an innocent friendship that become an emotional affair, which progressed to sexual infidelity. [Read: how men fall in love]

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