Why do men cheat and lie: 20 most common reasons

17. Poor Role Models

If their relatives or father or other male role models lied and cheated, they might be subconsciously programmed to follow their example, seeing infidelity to be the standard, particularly if the female role models in their life tolerated the infidelity.

18. The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs

Sometimes, a great deal of infidelity, particularly one night stands, could be attributed to the effect of alcohol or drugs, which could lower inhibitions and damage good judgment, causing behavior that the cheater might later regret afterwards. [Read: how to be a good partner]

19. Cultural Reasons

They might come from such a culture, like certain Asian or European, or Caribbean cultures where it is a common for males to have mistresses.

20. To Reaffirm Their Sexuality

Many men in their late age like 50’s or older, sometimes, cheat just in order to see if they are still “got it” They cheat to prove that they could still attract as well as sexually satisfy women – often the ones who are younger than their spouse.

The above by no means is a complete list of the reasons why do men cheat and lie. Men cheat for different reasons basing on different circumstances. Thus, consider these reasons and be aware of your own case.

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