Why do men usually get dumped by women? 5 common reasons

With every relationship, you always hope that you may be “the only one” and do not expect to cope with a breakup. Nevertheless, in reality, what we want and what we can get could be different from each other. Sometimes, a breakup could be abrupt, and sometimes, it could be predicted in advance. Regardless of the case, there is always a certain reason behind it.

In compared with men, women might be the more complex gender, having interesting reasons behind a breakup with a man. Despite their reasons are not always the same, there are some common reasons women breakup with men. If you are wondering: “Why do men usually get dumped by women?”, then you need to read the following entry, made by Wikiyeah.com. Some information in this article is referred from YourTango and Huffingtonpost.

Why do men usually get dumped by women

1. Issues Related Control

Even when a man is the dominant type, he needs to change himself in any relationship. You could not completely take charge of a relationship, or your girl. Relationships, basically, are about sharing everything, such as finances, important decisions, and so on. You are mature and now all at liberty to control your own life, but that does not mean you can extend that control over people around you. Anything beyond that just pushes other people away from you. All women will feel suffocated when being in a relationship with a controlling boyfriend.

2. Issues Related To Trust

Another reason why do men usually get dumped by women is trust issues. People normally do not trust too easily, particularly women. It is natural to protect yourself from any kind of disappointment.  Lying or cheating is one of the most common reasons why men lose trust of women and also why men get dumped by women.

For some women, when they lose trust in their partner, it means that it is time to end the relationship. Just a very few women tend to excuse betrayal or infidelity the first time, if their partner profusely apologizes and promises to not repeat that infidelity and remain faithful. However, once being a cheater, always being a cheater. If the promises cannot be fulfilled, then it results in lack of trust. If words of a man never fall in line with his actions, then he could not be trusted.

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3. Lack Of Care

The reasons why do men usually get dumped by women vary from person to person, but lack of care is among the most common reasons. A man who is careless for his girlfriend’s feelings, wants, needs and his own responsibilities in the relationship will sooner or later get dumped by their girl. The little things might be forgivable, but it is continually repeated, it is not easy to ignore. If you are reckless, then she knows that she will not get the right treatment that she deserves, which will ultimately make her get out of your own life.

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4. Independence

Those men who tend to be too independent in most situations tend to make wrong impressions. Women love to be with a man whom they can depend on, at least in terms of mental. Even though they are totally capable of doing something well on their own without the need of support from men, at times, it is still comforting to know that there is always a person who you can fall back on at any time.

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5. A Lot Of Restrictions

No one wants to be dictated by anyone else. If you guys are putting unnecessary limitations on your girl, you gain nothing but resentment. Everything happening in your relationship should be decided mutually. Restrictions just limit the development of yourself as a person, and your relationship as well. Once a woman feels that she is not achieving anything from the relationship, she will never want to be a part of it.

Despite there are a variety of reasons of “why do men usually get dumped by women”, these 5 reasons are the most common. Pay attention to them and if possible, never let yourself fall into such cases!