Why men pull away from good women – 10 big reasons

The majority of people get involved in codependent relationships, even when those relationships are not healthy. Almost every woman has experienced the uncertainty and panic happening when men start pulling away or withdrawing. It is a miserable feeling, leaving you feeling painfully insecure and powerless. You wonder what happened, why your man is doing this, and what caused this shift. To help you find the answer why men away from good women, this article from Wikiyeah.com will give you top 9 common reasons guys pull away.

Why Do Men Pull Away From Good Women?

Why men pull away

1. You Are Too Clingy Or Needy

The top reason why he pulls away from you despite you are a good woman is because you want to know where he is, who he is with and what he is doing at the end of the day. You do not give him time to work, or even breathe. That makes him pulling away as it is the single way he could do to get his necessary space. Learn how to give your boyfriend space without breaking up here.

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2. It Is How He Argues

If your guy just pulls away when you are in the heat of an argument, it may be that you two are falling into the detrimental pattern of distance and pursuing. One of you pursues the argument in order to obtain the wanted intimacy or force communication whilst the other wants to withdraw. Commonly, women will pursue, yet this is not always the case. However, when women pursue, men will likely to withdraw because women seem to pushing more that what men could handle.

The more you pursue the argument, the more he pulls away. Consequently, you do not get to have the discussions necessary for the well-being of your relationship, and you two both feel unsatisfied. This is considered one of the most common mistakes couples makes in relationships.

3. He Feels Inadequate

Another reason why men pull away from good women is about the shortcomings of the man or at least what he recognizes as shortcomings. If he could create space between two of you, he hopes that you will not see his insecurity about his flaws. Obviously, you need to be vulnerable with each other once your romantic relationship stands a chance.

4. There Is No Challenge

A man might lose interest if you are always available to him. It might feel like he is pulling away when you start to realize that you are always available at his convenience while he is not always available for yours.

Sometimes, he may be not pulling away, yet you want much of his attention as you give him all of your attention. Well, you should stop doing so if you want to have a healthier and happier relationship. Get a life of your own. He will notice your change instantly and his own instinct for the chase will set in.

5. He Doubts About The Relationship

Doubts are common and normal in relationships, particularly when a relationship gets deepened. It does not necessarily mean something about you or how great you, as a girlfriend, have been. Perhaps, he is not ready for a serious relationship, or maybe he is not sure if you are the right woman for him. That is ok. Two individuals could love one another so much and still not be right for each other in the long term. Perhaps, something happened to trigger these doubts, such as jealousy, a fight, trust issues, etc, or maybe it occurred out of the blue. Avoid wasting your time analyzing every detail of the situation in order to pinpoint precisely what was wrong, this just makes you crazy.

Rather than, you should give him space and be the best you could be. To make a relationship work, two partners need to understand the role of commitments in a relationship and be committed to make it work. It means that you two need to try, put in attempt, and communicate in an open way. Work together. One partner could not carry the relationship alone. A relationship, in fact, is a partnership. If your guy has doubts about you or has some kinds of issue with how you are or how you live you own life, then he is not the right guy for you who can accept who you are. Keep in mind that.

Some women think that when men pull away, they need to cling much harder in order to take their men back. Nevertheless, this could feel clingy and stifling to him. It is understandable that the concern of losing him for good makes you go this route, yet it often has the opposite effects. Men do not like paranoid or clingy women. If the reason why he pulls away is that he feels doubt about the relationship with you, this may push him into the decision of breaking up with you soon.

6. You Move Too Fast

Moving too fast in a relationship is a common issue of many couples. Maybe, you are just trying to get over someone else so you rush into a rebound relationship or you watch all friends become engaged or get married, and you start feeling worried about how lonely or old you are. As a result, you try to get him committed, even when your relationship is not at the proper relationship stage for commitment or if he is not the one for you. Nonetheless, when men are not really ready, this pressure could doom the relationship. It is one of the most common reasons why men pull away from good women.

7. He Worries About Losing Himself

The reasons why men pull away from good women are varied yet losing a sense of being ourselves is absolutely one of those reasons. It is particularly true in regard to marriage. In recent days, society often paints the picture of getting married as something like taking away the freedom as well as individuality of men whilst women gain power, money, family and more. A good relationship should be the motive power helping you two become the best of yourself possible. As a couple, you should be stronger than as a person. Of course, this should not be the reasons why men pull away, particularly if the men have done a good job in finding a partner.

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8. He Is Stress

Stress, regardless of about work or family, could be the reason why he is distant. He might not want to saddle you with extra stress, or he might not want to be seen “weak” in your eyes when he deals with it. Obviously, handling stress in the wrong way could result in something negative like addiction, drug abuse, or something worse. If a man is serious about the relationship, he will have to let you support him to reduce his stress.

9. He Is Cheating On You

Well, this reason sounds hurt so much, but it is a common reason. It is not the single explanation for the reason why men pull away, yet it is the one that the mind of many women jumps to. You keep your eyes for the signs he is cheating on you or even hire a professional detective to see if your husband has an affair or not.

10. He Is Over Your Relationship

Once he has already decided he wants out, he will do so. He may do this as he is not in love with you anymore. If you realize this is your case, it is time to let go.

At the end of the day, it does not matter what your partner is withdrawing. The solution is always constant: give him necessary space and concentrate on loving yourself as well as your life.