Why people stay in unhealthy relationships longer than they should

Relationships are not easy, from the first stage to the last one. It is also not easy to walk away from it, even when you know in your gut that it will not bring a happy ending or will not work out. Even if your friends imply that staying in such relationship just wastes your time, you still settle as the thought of walking away from something too close to you for a long time breaks your fragile heart.

Later, when things inevitably fall apart, you realize the myriad reasons you had better leave soon. People stay in unhealthy relationships due to the traumatic things that they have experienced in their life. It is because people believe in change whilst their partner may not want to change at all. People tend to take things they could easily get for granted: parents, love, siblings and friends. People experiencing true loss hold on with all things they have when they are being in a relationship, even when that relationship is not good for them. There are many people who stay in these kinds of relationships as they believe that the things they receive from their relationships could not be found on their own. Rather than leaving such toxic relationships, they still clutch tightly to dilute facts and expect things will get much better. So, if you are wondering why people stay in unhealthy relationships longer than they should, then you should read the following reasons behind why people stay in unhealthy relationships longer than they should. Some information in this article, made by Wikiyeah.com, is referred from Huffingtonpost and Psychologytoday.

Why People Stay In Unhealthy Relationships – 8 Common But Stupid Reasons

Why people stay in unhealthy relationships

1. They Are Afraid Of Change

The first and foremost reasons why people stay in unhealthy relationships longer than they should is the fear of change. Nobody enjoys throwing their own life into uncertainty and chaos. They stay in unhealthy relationships because it was familiar and normal to them. It was that what they knew and the unknown was much more intimidating than their less-than-happy relationship. Truth is, nothing stands still, not mountains, galaxies or seasons. So, do not let the anxiety coming with change keep you from doing something right like moving on even when you know it is time to end a relationship.

2. They Fear Of Dating

Some people keep staying in unhealthy relationships because they are afraid of dating. This fact is true particularly for men. Dating for men is stressful, particularly if they have been single for a while. Sure, it could be exciting to meet new friends, yet dating also means you are putting yourself at a mercy of the expectations of a stranger and running a risk that he / she will not meet yours. When dating, anything could happen, yet that includes the possibility of finding the right relationship for you. You will never know if you do not give it a try.

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3. They Fear Of Being Alone Or Single

Sometimes, people stay in unhealthy relationships longer than they should just because they are afraid of being alone. If you decide to leave a toxic relationship, then have a similar new dating experience is not the only outcome. For some people, they hate the prospect of coming back home in the evening alone and face with just a TV. For them, spending time with the wrong person could seem preferable to not having anyone to spend time with at all.

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