Why people stay in unhealthy relationships longer than they should

4. They Are Afraid Of The World Finding Out

Sometimes, people keep trying and pushing much harder in their relationship due to other people that they may impact if things end. You need to understand that it is not your whole life or death situations, you had better find the strength within your own to make things right if they go wrong. Despite making it up to people that may get impacted by you could be difficult at first, trust me, you will finally find a balance in your soul after all. There are sunbaths, beaches and a beautiful golden tan after winters end.

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5. They Believe Things Will Get Better

People believe that they will change and that they could fix their ways. They believe that their partner will be ready to commit, to dedicate just the way they did. They are silly enough to think and believe that the whole world out there work and think as the way they do and they hold to the rope until their hands are burnt. However, what they may not know or try to not know is that how hard they try, some individuals simply will never change.

6. They Feel Like They Are Not Worthy Of Finding Someone Better

This may be among little-thought-of reasons why people stay in unhealthy relationships longer than they should. Those people have such reason often have low self-confidence or have problems with their self-confidence. They do not know their self-worth so they do not think they should stand up for something much better. They feel like their current partner is the best one they could find. They think they could not possibly do any better so they keep sticking it through.

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