Why people stay in unhealthy relationships longer than they should

7. They Stay Because Their Partner Needs Them

Some people said that they stayed in their less-than-happy relationship because their partner needed them. They felt it was their job to stand by their partner. They did not want to hurt their partner or break their heart despite they were not in love anymore. They compromised their needs, wants and desires, and even all life for their partner.

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8. Family Pressures

Some people stay in bad relationships because they would rather be part of an unhealthy couple, than cope with the wrath of family pressure and prejudice against their “unwanted” single life. If you are among them, then you should be strong enough, no matter how hard it is, to stand up for your own. We all know that easier said than done. Yet, it is your happiness, your life – not theirs.

Remember how you have done everything that you possibly can to make a relationship better. It is your time that you changed and move on. Never say that it is not worth it, as with bad experience, you will become stronger later on. You learned more about yourself and life as well. It’s never too late, look around and you will always find something new to walk into.

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