Why you should date more than one guy at a time – 8 big reasons

In this society, no one bats an eye when guys date multiple girls or ladies, so you could do the same. It is not for everybody because some people just accept the idea of pure monogamy. However, try it and you may be surprised at how beneficial it can be. You may think that dating more than one guy at a time makes you become a cheater, but you are not official yet. There are a lot of potential benefits to dating more than one guy at a time. Once you do it right, the down-side will be minimized. Here are some reasons why you should date more than one guy at a time. Check out from WikiYeah.com!

8 Reasons Why You Should Date More Than One Guy At A Time

Why you should date more than one guy at a time

1. You Are Still Honest, But Not Too Much

Dating more than one guy at a time does not mean you stop caring about their emotions. It is not acceptable to cheat or make someone believe that you are exclusive with them while you are not. No one wants to be cheated on. But you do not necessarily tell a man that you are seeing another person, at least at the beginning. If you are just at the stage of the relationship where two people are getting to know each other, then all is fair. However, if he is taking you on dates and treats you like a girlfriend, then it is time to stop your lie. Perhaps he will accept or perhaps he will not, yet you always owe him an explanation.

2. It Is Exciting

There will be something exciting and thrilling about dating more than one guy at a time. People often feel good when being wanted and you could double up that feeling as it comes from two or many men. And because you have been hearing for your entire life that it is not good for women to sleep around, there is something exciting when you break that taboo.

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3. You Can Practice

You might have heard about the saying, “practice makes perfect”. This comes with this case. Your physical intimacy will get better when you can have many chances to practice it. What I mean both in terms of knowing your own needs and your partner’s needs. And if you can drive your potential man wild, he will find you a treasure and keep you forever.

People often have a thought that an experience woman seems to be a slut, but the fact is, everyone always tries to be a better lover and the single way to be better at something is practicing it. The same goes for this issue.

4. You Will Not Become Too Available

A man wants to chase you. If he achieves you too easily, he will not get the chase he wants and feel satisfied about you. Men do not want to feel like he achieved the booby prize date which does not have anything else. He wants to feel lucky when he got your date.

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5. You Become Hard To Get

When it comes to a woman having many men chasing after, it is really hot. You may be worried that people seeing you with different men will have bad thoughts about you. However, remember that the followings are what people really think about the woman seeing a few guys: the losers who did not have a chance in the first place will call you as a slut while the real men will try to understand why they lose.

6. It Boosts Your Confidence

Dating around will increase your confidence and once you feel confident, you will get more and more attention from the opposite. That is simple. Confidence, in reality, is among the most attractive qualities in both men and women. The best method to achieve it is feeling wanted. If you have two or more men chasing after you or waiting for your calls, then you know you are attractive. As a result, you will walk with a confident smile and a high head and people will notice you further more.

7. It Gives You Different Experiences

In regard to reason why you should date more than one guy at a time, one thing for sure is that you will have different experiences in terms of physical intimacy. Most women are fancy of different types of intimacy in the bedroom. One night she may love hair pulling, the other she wants dirty talk, role play, or toys. To get such experiences, it is the best if you can get a man who could wear many hats but the rate of that case is one in a million. That is why you should date more than one guy at a time.

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8. It Gives You More Chances To Find The Right Guy

Another reason why you should date more than one guy at a time is an increased chance of finding your Mr.Right. It is hard to tell instantly if a guy you are dating with is your Mr. Right. It takes months, even years to figure it out. Your chance of meeting your right guy will double if you double the number of guys you date with. And if you date three men, you will triple your chances. Despite there are a lot of men out there, you just cat the one you are fish for.

To sum up, dating many men at a time will keep your choices open, your self-esteem and self-confidence raised up and your physical intimacy alive. Why don’t you try it?