9 worst people you can have a one night stand with

A one night stand could be hot and freeing.  It could also be careless, fun and even unfortunate. One night stands are energizing chance to take a stab at something new. However, one night stands are often accompanied with the circumstances that may damage the night and a few days to follow. Many people ever find themselves getting into an interesting experience of a one night stand with someone and feel ashamed the next morning and regret it for a long time afterwards. In fact, an awkward one night stand might not occur all the time, but if you choose the wrong person to have a one night stand with, that person can come back to haunt you and leave you feeling awkward each time you bump into him.

For those singles, there is nothing wrong with feeling guiltless when having an intercourse with someone, but before going to sleep with someone, you should always make sure your one night stand will not come around some days and against you.

From WikiYeah.com, here are 10 worst people you can have a one night stand with. Keep them in mind to avoid bringing them back to bed with you!

Worst People To Have A One Night Stand With – 9 Types

Worst people you can have a one night stand with

1. Your Best Friend

This is one of the worst people you can have a one night stand with. A best friend (of course, of the other gender) is the one knowing you very well. You two may have flirted and teased one another, but neither of parties has ever crossed the fragile line. Nonetheless, if you fall into the trap of a one night stand with your best friend, your friend might feel confused between the chemistry and real love.

When you sleep with your best friend, there will be an awkward feeling between both of you. Eventually, it leads to you drifting away or hooking up forever. Do you want to risk long years of friendship with the moment of lust?

2. Your Ex

Having one night stands with exes is totally not a good idea. You cannot predict what can happen.

Most of the time, having a one night stand with your ex can unshackle the subdued and hidden feelings of love which you thought have disappeared for good in your heart. Either you or your ex can end up falling in love again, or you might be confused of being in or out the relationships, leaving you feel even worse than ever.

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3. A Married/Taken Person

It is always better to have a one night stand that is no strings attached. When you have a one night stand with a person who is taken or married, you will always feel guilty about your behaviors even if it just happens at one night.

If the individual you have a one night stand with is not happy in their relationship, they might seduce you or pursue you with the expectation of finding the lusty happiness from you, and escaping from their terrible love concurrently. Unfortunately, before you acknowledge it, you might find yourself getting trapped in the painful love triangle.

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